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Your Inv Mon is a trusted monitor of High Yeld Invested Programs (HYIPs). Listed programs are rated honesty based on the programs performance and administration. You are only allowed to add new HYIP program(s) if You are the administrator (owner) of the program(s) you want to have monitored and be available to Your Inv Mon's community.

Listing at Pro Inv is FREE. All you must do is pay the minimum investment in your program and we will invest this amount back into your program so we can monitor your activities. Once your program is accepted in the system, there are no refunds available. Once your submitted program passes approval and is activated, you are allowed to place the Your Inv Mon Button on your website.

You must fully fill out your submission form making sure to include a valid contact email for your program. Those found without a valid contact email are subject to removal without warning.

If your program does not accept and payout with at least 1 (one) form of online payment processor that we use, you may not list it here. Currently we use Perfect Money and Ego Pay.

You cannot rate your own program. If the system finds these votes, your program will be blacklisted. To get more proper votes, you can place the Your Inv Mon Button in the most visible place on your website and ask your members to vote for you once every 48 hours.

If You submit to any type of advertising option (banners, premium listing etc.) and Your program is not paying out to members, your program will be removed as well as your purchased advertising. No refund will be made.

Every submitted program must pass approval. If for some reason your program does not pass approval, you will be refunded your full activation fee. Any program that is removed for breaking terms, or being blacklisted, is not subject to any type refund.


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